Monday, May 30, 2011

A Fancy Grand Opening Giveway

You must come see & come play with me!!
A Grand Opening and giveaway to a simple & fancy new shop!
I am So Proud.
My daughter Noel, just launched her new website

Organic. Natural. Eco-friendly. Recycled. Handmade. Noel is an Artist.

~Her art floats & speaks softly to ones soul~

These Angel wings are the most whimsy & delicate wings I have ever seen. Worn & pure they look and feel as if they have fallen from a real Angel on her flight to heaven from a long time ago. They are reproduced from a favorite antique pair of mine from Europe with threads and dreams of the past.
FancifulShop is a paper art gallery with a very modern vintage twist.

Her simple paper covered crosses....

would be a beautiful wedding or baby gift~
They are a celebration!

Handmade paper surprise cones are filled with the most special little treats or they can be stuffed with your very own ideas & magic!

Many brides have carried her exquisite paper rose & peony wedding bouquets down the isle~

And there's even a little bit of vintage too!

To win a $75.00 gift certificate you may go visit Noel Here or if Blogger isn't working you may leave me a comment on this post. Also she will enter you 5 times if you blog the Grand opening of let us know in the comment.
There is something special here for everyone. Perfect unique one of a kind gifts or treat yourself to something tender & dear to your heart.
You may visit Noel's gallery, flower shop, studio for little ones, weddings & events Here!


And don't forget that at the end of the always will end up

~into white~

Sooo Big Big Loves to all of you my darling friends!!


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  1. Congratulations Noel and best wishes for your new endeavour.

    I'm popping your button on my sidebar too.

    xx Felicity

  2. Janet how wonderful for Noel!! I am on my way!!

    A New very Exciting Giveaway from Tracy Porter will start on the 1st!

    Art by Karena

  3. I would really love to be entered in this fantastic giveaway....those angel wings are simply lovely, I just adore her shop! Xoxoxo

  4. Congratulations to your daughter and her beautiful new shop. I did a post today about her grand opening. Hop over and check it out. I've always admired her creations.

  5. how wonderful- congrats! must go check it out- will show my future daughter in law that gorgeous bouquet!


  6. So much beauty...I will hop over right now to say hi and congratulate your sweet one..your work is stunning.
    Hugs and love my sweet sweet friend...hope the sun is shinning on you today. xoxo

  7. your daughter is so talented!! I love the cake with flowers, so clever!!!!

  8. Dear Janet,
    I have been over to Noel's website.....such beautiful and delicate things. She is so talented. You must be so proud of her.
    Hope that you are well Janet and enjoying life. Much love. XXXX

  9. Janet,
    I know you are so proud of Noel! Her shop and taste is exquisite~just like yours!


  10. So excited for Noel.
    I just told my friend with 2 daughters that she should check out the amazing paper bridal bouquets! I would so carry one!!
    The online shop is brilliant and so beautifully executed. I just love the shopping bag :)
    Kisses to both of you,

  11. I simply adore Noel's new website! One can see that everything she creates is from the Heart. I know you are so proud ~ and had a hand in the artist she is.

    I am having so many problems with Blogger and can't seem to get my comments to show up on her blog and many others. So aggravating!


  12. beryl a.k.a. princess beryliumJune 1, 2011 at 9:46 PM

    I came to stop and see beautifulness as my days are crazy and time is passing daughter Alexandra graduates next week, I did not know what to get her today until I saw the beautiful crosses and angel all seems to make sense now...i still want to keep her wings....and into white...........xoxoxberyl

  13. Congratulations to Noel and you must be so proud. The shop is just beautiful.

  14. Congratulations to Noel! :) What a lovely shop, everything is so beautiful.

  15. Mom,Thank you so much for this post! You always touch my heart so close. You make it skip a beat. You understand me more than anyone else. Your support, unconditional love and pure soul beams over me every day through every creation. I love you! All these comments are the best! xoxo

  16. Congrats to Noel! Love, love, love her shot. It would be hard pressed to pick just one favorite things, maybe the pink roses or the initial monogram, so many choices and so little space!

  17. How wonderful. I've just been to check it out and your daughter is indeed very talented. I will be glad to blog about her opening next week. I'll e-mail you with the link when the post is up. Much luck to Noelle. Looks like you are re-doing your shop as well. Your daughters shop is fabulous can't wait to see the new improved version of yours. Mona

  18. Dear Janet,
    What a talented daughter you have. You must be so proud.
    Her work is exquisitely beautiful!
    Best wishes!

  19. beryl a.k.a. princessberyliumJune 6, 2011 at 9:35 PM

    oh panic, i have been playing your playlist the one starting with "into white" by cat stevens for my teenage daughters to fall asleep to while i engange in your beautiful changed today.. gasp and I didn't write down the songs....may you email that previous play list? they love, I would be so grateful...they graduate this week after finals and the playlist was so soothing mentally for them (18 yrs and 13 yrs)....thank you, blessings.......

  20. amazing work--i am stunned! beauty in simplicity.

  21. Wow..I am going to have to go check out her new site! Congratulations to Noel (Love that name by the way for a girl)!!