Sunday, March 13, 2011

An Unexpected Surprise

She observed. She came.

She built.

She sat.

I observed.

I waited.

She waited.

She sat and she waited some more...
I observed some more...

One day her superb motherhood became a BIG success! The eggs hatched! I couldn't even see their tiny heads for 2 weeks, they were so small.

They sat. They waited.

During her first few visits with me, my thoughts were....
I am going to have a hummingbird nest in my Chandelier!!!
I hang a chandelier outside of my window. It is turning lavender from sun and age. The patina is turning blue green from the salt air.
Life has such a way of handing you unexpected surprises~
It was not only watching a nest be built 6 inches from my eyes.
It was watching her work so hard collecting, she recycled warmth. She gathered dryer lent, feathers and even something blue! She sewed it all together! Watching her patience. Watching her nurture. Watching her teach these babies how to flutter their wings. Watching them grow was an unexpected surprise for me!
One day they all flew away... together, I believe.
I wonder if they are still so close. I wonder if they are safe. I wonder where they are living~

So today I DO have a nest in my favorite chandelier!!!
Today it is an empty nest.
Today I miss the little lives and the big lessons that one little
bird shared with me.
Today I miss the beautiful mess they
made ALL OVER my windows!
Another unexpected surprise are my thoughts today!!

Wishing you all a special week!!!


All photos by FrenchBlue


  1. How lovely to have an outdoor chandelier. Thanks for sharing your sweet little visitors with us.

  2. What a wonderfull story, it sounds like a fairytale.....
    Greetings Janet

  3. Oh what a wonderful post, how lucky you are to have had such beautiful house guests. Thank you for sharing this wonderful story. Have a wonderful week. Terri

  4. Amazing photos. I love the chandelier hung outside, brilliant! This is one hummingbird mama with great taste, for sure.

  5. Such a beautiful post today...thanks for sharing

  6. Haha wow, this is so incredible! I can hardly believe it. Enjoy your new "guests"!

    Hope you have a wonderful Monday!

    That Girl in Pearls

  7. What a charming post. Thank you.

  8. Oh, how wonderful Janet! We had a nest and babies a few years ago that my husband was feeding every morning. He keeps waiting for them to come back each spring as it is magical, maybe this spring again. Hope all is well. Your mother has good taste in nesting spots. Much love XO

  9. So sweet Janet. I love this music.

  10. Janet ~

    I am not surprised in the least that this beautiful mother chose your gorgeous chandelier for her baby's nest. She knew you loved all nature and the wonder and magic it offers. Such a magnificent gift she shared with you.


    p.s. and I also recently learned hummingbirds represent JOY.

  11. Wow... I'm speechless, such a wonderful blessing to have nature choose you to watch the miracle of spring! Thanks so much for sharing that!

  12. What a fabulous story to come across this morning --- a blessing x

  13. Janet~
    This thought sounds a little silly, but it's the first thought that came to mind upon reading this post.
    Somewhere this Mama hummingbird has a wireless Internet connection and loves to follow your blog and decided to land in your lovely chandelier for a blog feature. If this post doesn't represent Mrs. FrenchBlue to a T, I don't know what would!

    So magical and sweet just like you, my friend.

  14. How sweet! I'm sure it was amazing watching this...maybe she will come back again!

  15. I had a nest outside of my window last year, but it was not a hummingbird. Lucky you.
    It is so wonderful to watch the entire experience. You really do wonder where they are and if they are alright :).
    Thank you for bringing this memory back.

  16. Truly magnificent! Beautiful! Thank you.
    love Tiffany

  17. That is incredible! What an amazing thing to witness and what gorgeous pictures!

  18. This is one of the most beautiful posts I've ever seen. I love your words, and love your delicate way. Surely, those birds, especially the parents will find their way back to you next season, they seem to do that. Keep caring...this is what gives our world civility and love. xx's

  19. Incredible, a gift to see such nature! Thank you for sharing such a thoughtful post!
    Take Care,

  20. Dear French Blue ... what a magical surprise! How beautiful to watch nature at work!
    best wishes

  21. Hello,dear Janet,

    Nature and Creativity are two a very beautiful sisters...
    SOooooooo adorable way of your mind!
    Thank you so very much for share,dear Janet:-)*

    Much Love from Amsterdam,

  22. That is most precious...two of my favorite things together!

  23. I am squealing with delight in Oregon!!!!!!!!!! I think they might need a tassle as a house warming gift:) God is so generous to give us such beautiful things to enjoy.

  24. That has to be the most special thing...really! To watch and learn from this most beautiful bird. I have to say, what a glamorous bird to choose such a stylish spot to set up her nursery...what taste.

  25. Lovely visitors Janet....such good taste they have too.....xv

  26. They are such creatures of wonder and delight. I am so glad you had the opportunity to observe them up close. It was such a beautiufl post thank you!

  27. Fin, this is SO sweet... Oh you lucky thing to be touched by those little birdies!

    Angela x

  28. How absolutely wonderful!!
    What a treat...
    I love the idea of you leaving your chandy outside to turn lavender too!
    I knew I was close to you when we visited San Juan Capistrano and felt your presence so close, it was bittersweet when we drove away, but in my mind's eye I know we'll be back and we will get together next time... I promise!

  29. Those are really wonderful photos capturing a beautiful life miracle...
    And your chandy still looks lovely with nest and all ♥

  30. Oh my goodness my friend...this is darling...way too sweet for words..way too sweet. I am thinking she is one smart momma to have found such a lovely place to build her my friend are BLESSED xoxoxox

  31. How nature works in it's silent ways puts me in awe. This is just precious and remarkable in so many way! This was such an incredible thing to watch from your welcoming & magical courtyard~


  32. How stinkin sweet s that! I love those lil dirds.~Cheers Kim

  33. What a lovely glimpse into their lives! Ive always been intrigued by humming birds. They are so small yet so amazing. Thanks for sharing.