Sunday, December 5, 2010

Window Shopping in Paris

One of my favorite things to do in Paris
is to walk the streets at night
and window shop!
The windows light up just like real magic~

I always come back the next day...
to purchase my favorite found muses...

Finding a special window,
is sometimes like finding a hidden present...

waiting just for me....
to slowly unwrap it with my very own eyes~

Especially like this one.....Cire Trvdon~

A gift in itself just to walk into~

Visiting Le Train Bleu Restaurant at the train station
was beyond my wildest parisian dreams~

I tried....
really I did.. not to take more pictures of
Laduree but I couldn't help myself~

Always & always amazing!
And it always will be~

This years collector boxes have
Monsieur or Madame Copper Cameos
on black boxes!!



Have A festive week my most darling friends!


All photos taken by Janet Solomom
FrenchBlue & Co.


  1. You have a wonderful week too! Thank you for the tour.

  2. I love window shopping as well. It often gives me new ideas to incorporate in my life and work. Great photos!

  3. there is nothing like Paris window shopping! cannot believe you were able to take such fantastic night shots! Luber is just Zuper!


  4. Hello,dear Janet:-)*

    Your Christmas mood is SO invited,SO fabulous nice...

    Indeed,that's realy pleasure moments when you can walking across inParis and whatching...and whatching and whatching!!!
    I saw two images:#5 and #6 there,it's so lovely and it's so great because I stay for the same windows(boutique) in september very long time...they have beyond gorgeous style:-)*

    Much Love to you,dear Janet,


  5. Oh, what wonderful photos you took Janet. I love the nightime windows too, only then I forget where I was and don't always make it back. I had a great outfit on hold at a shop and ran out of time to pick it up.......darn!
    I love the cameo boxes, I hope you brought some back. Wouldn't it be wonderful to go to Paris for Christmas? Much love XO

  6. What JOY!!!!! Thanking you for passing it on to us....I think Laduree would be so magical...*sigh*...your images make my heart happy.

    May your week be blessed my sweet friend...enjoy the wonderful magic this season has to offer.

  7. Lovely shots Janet.....Laduree here I come! xv

  8. Such beautiful & whimsical pictures :)

  9. That white and pink store with the black awnings and faux striped curtains looks gorgeous! I think I would have stood in that window for about 30 minutes trying to soak it all in!

    I hope you have a fantastic week!

  10. Oh! no-one does window displays better than paris shops! Oh to be there now, I love it, so inspiring! xx

  11. Dear Janet,
    I hope your holiday preparations and festivities are going well!

    We loved looking in the shop windows at night too! It does feel very special, doesn't it? Thank you for sharing your finds with us!

    Wishing you a wonderful day!


  12. Window shopping is a glorious way to spend an afternoon, especially when it ends at Laduree! Hope you went inside for a respite.

  13. Janet what could be more delightful!! I wish I could join you often!

    Remember to come & enter my $200 Giveaway from Fifi Flowers!

    Art by Karena

  14. Dear Janet,

    So sorry I have not been by before now.

    I love this post. You know how much I love decorating my own shop window ~ so "window shopping" IS a favorite pastime of mine ~ literally!

    I adore that book! I hope you bought it or something equally as fabulous.

    Thanks for sharing your stroll past these windows with us. Such fun!


  15. Merveilleuses photographies, merci pour ce beau voyage. Belle journée à vous. brigitte

  16. I use to walk by Zuber one my way to the pool. Always lost time looking in the window. So beautiful so much history. Carla

  17. I hope you haven't bought a Cire Trudon candle yet because I am here to tell you that they have no throw. I was so bummed when I learned my L'Admirable had basically no smell and then learned that that is the general consensus on this line.

    Ahhh... back to Diptyque.

  18. I know what we'll be doing this summer in Paris !
    Last Summer we rented 2 old French cars (2CV) and toured Paris by night. It was REALLY nice.
    Thank you, thank you !