Friday, December 17, 2010

Cookie Dough Confession

Ever since I can remember,
it was the cookie dough
that I really couldn't wait to eat!
Every year my Mom & I made our batch of
Frosted Christmas Sugar Cookies together~

The bowl of delicious DOUGH was honestly to me, too good to be true.
It was better than anything I ever ate.
The Thick, Creamy, Buttery, Vanilla,
sweet but not too sweet heavenly dough melted slowing in my mouth.
I Absolutely loved it...
Especially after my Mom made it pale green
for the Christmas Trees~


Confession time is now and I promise I won't ever tell..

Did you like the dough or the cookie best?

Now it is the sprinkles on the green frosting
I love most~
Have an extra Bright weekend
my darling friends!!!



photo 1 from Jacqueline at Home
photo 2 & 3 google images


  1. oh my, I just came home from a Christmas concert, about to make cookies for a cookie exchange tommorrow but decided to look at the blog first- cannot believe you read my mind, the cookie dough of course- off to eat some now.
    Merry Christmas, friend...


  2. I just baked yesterday and so wanted to lick the beaters just like I did when I was a kid. Only now we have to worry about the raw eggs and catching the bubonic plague or something from uncooked eggs......Or do we? Oh I love the raw dough.


  3. Oh, I was a cookie dough all the way...and, perhaps I still am?

  4. Hmmmmmmm it is a tie between the cookie dough and the frosting I think. LOL

  5. We make Christmas cookies too! I will admit that I sneak quite a bit of dough, and I can stop eating the baked cookies either.
    Thanks for sharing, and have a festive and lovely weekend.

  6. Yum! I'm so jealous! I have no memories of making sugar cookies with my Mom. She just made chocolate chip ones. BUT, as an adult I admit to tasting the dough and I like it better than the cookie. OR, the cookie hot out of the oven is the best. AND cake batter, yum!

  7. Ohhh.....the dough.....Truly the BEST. True confession: My friends and I make chocolate chip cookie dough (double the batch) bake half, everyone grabs a huge tablespoon and we dough ourselves silly. When we get sick to our stomaches, we stick it in a zip lock, tuck it in the back of the fridge and dig in again when out tummies are ready. Shhhhh

  8. Hello Janet!
    ALWAYS the cookie dough!!!! I loved dough of all kinds, cake, cookie, brownie, you name it, I ate it! In DC, we would go to an ice cream shop called Maggie Moo's where they had a flavor called "Better Batter" that tasted exactly like vanilla cake batter!!! And with fresh strawberries mixed in....mmmmm!

    I hope you are having a perfectly wonderful holiday so far!!!



  9. Loved the cookie dough when I was a little girl and we always clamored over cleaning out the bowel etc!

    I have a New Giveaway from My Sparrow, do come and enter!

    Art by Karena

  10. I think that you might know my answer Janet. I am actually not a great cake eater and our family are more of a savoury bunch BUT......give me a bowl of cookie dough mix or cake mixture and I will sit and eat the LOT !!!! My mum would make cakes and my sister and I would fight over who could scrape the most out of the bowl. That bowl would be scraped clean. I made some cupcakes the other week for a charity coffee morning and it's lucky that they got to the oven.......I actually felt a bit sick, I ate so much!! So, there we are, the mixture definitely surpasses the finished, cooked product for me. I just wish that you could go into a bakers and they had cake cases just filled with the raw mixture !!!! XXXX

  11. .....oh, and forgot to say that my favourite Ben and Jerry's flavour is ......COOKIE DOUGH !!!! XXXX

  12. Oh my goodness .....
    The cookie dough for sure!!!
    You know the kitchen will
    be full of "little tasters"
    when cookies are being
    made :)


  13. Yes, of course! You can't be a kid and not eat cookie dough or cake batter. We would fight over the beaters. I hope you are almost ready for the holidays Janet and I will be thinking of you all on Christmas Day. I bet you create quite the Christmas Day. Much love XO

  14. I adore cookie dough!!! That is why I make cookies. Best wishes for a Merry Christmas!

  15. I missed out on cookie dough as my grandmother was the one who made cookies at her house. But oh those cookies! I wish you the most beautiful cookies in the world. Your kind words always fill my heart and renew my feelings about the importance of small kindnesses to one another. Thank you for your warmth and for the beauty you send out to all of us. Lots of holiday love to you, Janet.
    Catherine xx

  16. I too am a sucker for dough..
    I don't dare to make cookies...
    they would never make it into the oven...

  17. Let's put it this way: my children are only vaguely aware that cookie dough can be put in the oven.

  18. My Dearest Janet! I love the dough! It has to be by far my favorite, guilty indulgence. Thank you so much for your sweet words! You always touch my heart! Wishing you the merriest and most blessed Christmas!

  19. I want to make cookies now!! And I want to eat the dough too...that's one of my favorite parts of all!! Yum.... xx

  20. chocolate chip cookie dough is my "if you were stranded on a desert (or should that be "dessert" ?) island food of choice. i'm so with you on this!

    warmest wishes for a cozy, happy and healthy holiday from my cottage to yours ~


  21. Dearest Janet ~
    It seems the crumb also shares your love for the cookie dough, and I admit, I simply cannot get enough of it either.
    Today, we dashed into the Bouchon Bakery in Yountville and shared an oatmeal/peanut butter cookie sandwich with whipped peanut butter in the middle...a gourmet nutter-butter. It was so good!
    Sending you lots of love and big warm holiday kisses!

  22. oh my gosh!!! my parents owned a bakery when I was a child....I lived for Tuesdays (that was cookie baking day!) yumm-o!