Wednesday, November 17, 2010

One Big Beautiful Tapestry

English socks, shoes and French buckles,
mid 18th centuryCollection of the Bata Shoe Museum
On my trips to France I truly and often
think of so many of you.
The posts that some of you have shared,
have honestly reformed me.
You have all given me so much~

The Little Balloonist by Ingrid MidaBookwork Sculpture 2009

One of you especially comes to mind when
I'm walking down rue Saint-Paul, in Paris.
Your inspriration continues to unfold in me.
Do you know Ingrid from
She is an Amazing Writer & Artist.
Her work comes from within, from her teachers far far away.
She works her hands with the details of
many Centuries ago~
This year with Ingrid close at thought,
I shot these images of
ancient bookwork bibles
to show her and share with you.
They remind me of Ingrid's passionate talent.
They have sat in this same window for the last six years
and are 400 years old~
The first year I saw them
I went in to ask the price....
They were over 5000 euros~

So instead of owning one,
I admire them year after year
as this magnificent window display~
{one of the things I love about Paris is some things never change.}

The funny thing is:
The other day I got a surprise from my friend Ingrid that I am the Happy happiest winner of her Anniversary Giveaway!!

I won a copy of
Vicki Archers new book
French Essence!!!

{coincidentally what I was currently posting about!}

It always and will forever amaze me
what a Big Beautiful Web we all weave~
It is as intricate as a 17th Century tapestry.

A paper blouse in a Paris window I also shot with Ingrid's art close on mind.

Dearest Ingrid,
Winning Vicki Archers book on your
Anniversary giveaway is beyond rewarding to me and so unexplainable.
You asked for our favorite post of yours and why.
Mine was your bookwork art because of your
beautiful detail & talent. I told you it reminds me of
being in Paris.
You didn't know I had just taken these images for you!
I didn't know I was going to win the contest
based on my comment of these images!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

With all my love,


Thank you Everyone that is part of this Rich Beautiful Tapestry we have weaved and continue to spin together~

Biggest Hugs!



images 1 & 2 Ingrid Mida/Fashion is my Muse images 3,4,5,6,7 & 8 Janet Solomon/FrenchBlue


  1. Lovely lovely images and so inspirational! xoxoxo

  2. it's a teeny tiny world, but it sure is wonderful!

  3. This is a gorgeous tribute always put everything together so beautifully and with so much thought. xv

  4. Awww such a sweet post for your friend; congratulations on winning the book; I am off to visit Ingrid's blog! Yes, a wonderful magical web ;)

  5. Lovely....I see why you keep going back xOxO

  6. So happy you won Vicki's book, I read it Monday and have been telling everyone who comes in the POP UP about it Thanks for the heads-up on my post today. It looked fine on my reader but I was being too clever and trying something different and so not sure what happened, so I deleted it until I get it right-lol! It's a MI KI toy breed, a little 5 lb. cutie named excited though I don't get her until New Years. But going to see her Sat. Talk soon and much love XO

  7. How lovely! Ingrid's work is truly magnificent.

  8. What sweet words you have for you amazingly talent friend. I think is was only fitting that you won her giveaway...enjoy the book from cover to cover. Off to visit her right now. xoxoxo

  9. How amazing are those??!!! WOW! I could just stare at them!

    m ^..^

  10. Dearest Janet,

    I honestly have never visited Ingrid's blog...Apparently somewhere in this tangled web, I never "met" her. This post is such a wonderful tribute to her art. You are always so kind to share such lovely words about your blog friends.


  11. Goodmorning,

    Lovely pictures!


  12. Dear Janet,
    Thank you for this beautiful post. I'm blushing....You are so kind. I'm tempted to send you one of those bookworks but they are so very fragile that they wouldn't survive. Perhaps I'll make you one when I'm next in CA. Sharing my art brings much joy into my life.

  13. Ingrid's paper sculptures are just beautiful Janet. I must go and visit her blog.....and how lovely to have won Vicki's book. I'm so pleased for you Janet. Lots of love. XXXX

  14. oh this is so lovely :)

  15. beautiful tapestry of life, I know you, my blogging friend, have been woven into mine.
    A beautiful, textured adventure here, always...