Monday, August 23, 2010

Being Home

I LOVE being home alone~

I will catch up with me!

I will listen to silence.
I will see myself again~

I will enjoy EVERY minute.

I will dream.
Being HOME inspires me most~

Where are YOU inspired the most?

(not counting Paris:)

Have A Most Beautiful Week
My Darling Ones!~~


photo 2 maison creative magazine
photo 3 a perfect gray
photo 4 anna inghardt
photo 1 skona hem


  1. I have to say I am with you...Home...Home...Home.
    The best place to get quality 'me' time.

    Jeanne :)

  2. Yes, being home "alone" allows me to think without interruption (rarely happens!) I think having a huge appetite for life keeps me inspired daily by so many different elements.

  3. Being home alone does feel so luxurious ! I turn up the music ( my music ) and be frivolous on purpose.

  4. I agree totally. Home alone is always wonderful; although I know some don't understand it at all. But where else is our haven or heaven...? lovely post...

  5. Oh, how can I answer that question...? Everything around me inspires me. So everywhere I am, I'm inspired. I create my own silence, letting the world fade and soak in everything beautiful. This is how I live.
    So I guess to answer your question, I'm most inspired wherever I'm living, wherever I'm dreaming.

  6. Oh my word....if I had a home that looked like that...I would love to be home alone too.

    LOVE the ceilings with the rafters showing.

    Ours is darling and we love it...but it is not as ELEGANT as fortunate you are.


  7. I'm definitely inspired the most by blogs!Since discovering them 8 months ago my life has taken a positive turn with new focusses and energy.Your blog is still one of my absolute faves!!!Fiona

  8. stunning whites :)

  9. Beautiful images today - the snow berries just look divine - I LOVE them.
    x Suzi

  10. I'm with you... I'm most inspired at home, surrounded by the things I love - it's where I'm the most relaxed and feel my mind can wander all over the place unchecked. Gorgeous images and a lovely post x

  11. ...who couldn't dream in those swooney rooms!

  12. I am with you. I love to be home all by myself. Hubby was away this past weekend. I'm glad he's home now, but I had the lovliest of times. It's just wonderful every once in a while.

  13. Hello My Sweet Friend! Have a relaxing, rejuvenating, renewing, time alone. Sometimes some alone time is just what girl needs to feel herself again! Have a fabulous week!!!

  14. Thank you for always speaking what I feel. Your words, your pictures, all of the above just hits right at the heart. Beautiful is a understatement! I sincerely enjoy your blog so very much & I really appreciate your talent for being able to reach & express all the things that so many of us don't know how or just can't. Thank you,
    wishing you many blessings,
    sincerely, Lynn

  15. I have just discovered your lovely blog today via wicker and stich. I will be back often. Home is my favourite place to be and especially on my own. I feel peaceful just thinking about it. Thank you

  16. I love bathrooms that look like bedrooms with curtains and comforts many leave out. My perfect bathroom would have no tiling, just like this one. I am pleased I have discovered your blog today.

  17. Hello,dear Janet!

    What a beauty,awesome post...

    Relax,calming and absolutely agree with you about to be alone at home...
    I like to be alone at home because I can seeing,descover just another world around me and in myself:-)*

    Wish you wonderful last summer days,


  18. silence can be deafening or glorious, I prefer the glorious one! :) photos are delish! my home is primarily white and black and serene.

  19. white! gosh, I'd like a home like that.

  20. I love being home alone too ... somehow the way you have expressed it sounds so much more desirable than the word "homebody". :)

    Beautiful photos today!

  21. These are beautiful images. I too love being at home and after spending the past few weeks celebrating our wedding I'm looking forward to being at home again and catching up with me, myself and I!

  22. Many consider white not to be a color and too sterile for their habitat. I'd say they are color blind. I love the subleties and tonal temperatures of different whites. Beautiful collection of photos!

  23. Hi Janet,
    I'm so much like you... I love being in my home, it truly is my haven and when I'm home alone sometimes I just lie on the couch and look at my surroundings while saying prayers of gratitude.
    Another lovely post as usual. Thanks for the beauty that is your blog :)
    Love you

  24. Home alone in the quiet is gift to one's self.

  25. Home alone is wonderful when it happens just now and than .... When you have a busy life with your children and friens and a wonderful job ....Than it's nice to be home alone ....
    Knowing its not forever ! ! !
    Thank you for your beautiful blog

  26. Hello Dear Janet!
    Beautiful pictures, as always! I think I would have to say I am most inspired when I am outside, even if it is on our porch. I love to read, create and listen to music there.

    Wishing you a wonderful time with yourself!


  27. I love to be home alone, too ..

  28. Having a home with the rooms you shown , would make me never want to go out except to the garden. Love that bathroom. I get inspired by being by the sea, in my garden, or sitting in a comfy chair reading or writing.

    Lovely enchanting post,


  29. In such utter agreement there. I too like the silence of catching up, turning back the clock, and just being.
    Yet after a while I do miss the fam and all the ruckus that comes with it!

  30. Oh sweet one...I love love being home...Yes I am a nester and proud to be one.

    Now that Fall is on it's way...bring out the cozy candles and soft blankets..I may never leave. xoxoxoo Hugs to you my INSPIRING friend. xoxoxo

  31. I can't tell you the last time I was home alone... I try and remember that the littles will only be little a short time (as proven by the bigs) and that before I know it, I will have more time alone at home than I know what to do with.
    And you say I can't choose Paris...? :)

  32. Whenever I come by to visit you, I always feel at home. Your images and thoughts are so beautiful. You fill the world with joy, beauty and gratitude and those are big gifts to share. Have a lovely weekend!

  33. I have to agree with you. Being home is definitly my favorite place to be. I love your pictures by the way, absolutely beautiful!