Sunday, August 30, 2009

Shabby Chic Withdrawals?

I adore the crisp simplicity


Shabby Chic
Design & Attitude~

I have learned from her,

I respect her


I miss her....

Best known for her comfy

white slipcovers,



time worn treasures~

Such Pretty Things

took this picture of this pretty

little French vignette
left alone in the window
of the store that is now closed...

I love these

Pink dupioni silk

curtians that Rachel


Well... you probally already know...

but just in case you don't...

I am very excited to share with you

Rachel's New book

Shabby Chic Interiors

My Rooms, Treasures & Trinkets

You can buy it Here!

I think it is a must to own

so we never

lose our Shabby Chic

time worn attitudes~

A sweet picture

just for you

to have a Beautiful week

my Charming friends~




  1. Have had my copy on pre-order from Amazon for quite some time. I can't wait to get it.
    Thank you for such a lovely blog - it is so light and whimsical. It makes my day.

  2. I can relate! When I found out the Shabby Chic store in Malibu, CA was closed, I felt like crying. Yes, Rachel Ashwell is having a book signing in Malibu in October and I plan to be there to meet her in person and get a signed copy! That will be a blessed day!

  3. Just this afternoon I walked by the now closed Shabby Chic in Corte Madera, and I thought to myself how much I missed all the Shabby Chic delights! And now, you just gave me the answer to my longing...thank you!

    Wishing you a spectacular week!

  4. Oh how beautiful! Don't you just feel like reaching out and putting that dress on, the shoes too and off we go .....

  5. What beautiful photos. The decor is chic and calm. I do like her books.
    Isabelle x

  6. Not withdrawals. Shabby is growing up and I love the clean, sophistication she has taken on. Lovely photos. Sea Witch

  7. That looks like a must to add to all of the other Shabby Chic books I have. It is so weird Janet, I was looking through my books on saturday, trying to build the courage to slip cover our sofas thinking "I wonder if Rachel will bring out another book"...well there you go! No one does it quite like her. Off to Amazon I go.
    Ness xx

  8. Love it. I was so sad that the Shabby Chic in our mall closed (not that I could afford anything) but it made me happy to walk around and dream about some of the things. Especially the chandeliers.

  9. What a great looking book which I am sure will do well.......she has such a loyal following. She probably doesn't miss her stores, now she will have time to write and inspire more!

  10. I adore Rachel Ashwell...I own all her books but this it's a must I get it! Her style will never be out in my world...White sofas...soft so lovely...thank you for sharing today...Have a beautiful week yourself! xoxoxo

  11. Oh, I know, it is such a shame. I miss her stores, I am a big fan- def will buy the book -lovely post...

  12. that book looks scrumptious :)
    i love r's blouse & jeans on the cover.
    and i will miss her chicago shabby chic loc.
    i actually found simply shabby chic sheets at
    goodwill a couple weeks ago & the quality of them is VERY fine. XO

  13. I have a few of her things and cherish them.
    I must get the book too!
    Have a wonderful week.

  14. I have always loved Rachel Ashwell's style and have two of her books...looks like a third will be joining them !!!!!
    I read her web site just after she started closing down her shops and she is very upset about it but does hint that she hopes to open up again in the future. It doesn't affect me as she didn;t have a shop in the U.K but I loved her online shop. Let's hope she will be up and running again sometime in the near future.....meanwhile, we will just have to keep looking at her books. Thanks for reminding us of her wonderful style, Janet. XXXX

  15. P.S. Hope that the fires aren't affecting you Janet.

  16. I do miss her, too! She just might come back, though, if the economy could pick back up, again. She hinted that she may try a comeback at some time. I used to enjoy a store ( with Shabby Chic products in Venice, Florida. They since moved but, I believe they are still in business as Rachel Ashwell was only part of their business. Lovely post.

  17. She was a her stuff and I have a lot of it. The pictures you've shown are gorgeous!!! I didn't even know she has a new book out.

    :) T

  18. I enjoyed your blog and will be back...I am putting you on my blog roll. Thanks for the fun.

  19. She is one clever lady, way ahead of her time. I would kill for that bed in the first picture.

  20. i miss her too and will definitely buy the book... thanks for all of your sweet comments... they mean so much... yes... my store is chock full of vintage... it is my total passion... red ticking

  21. I'm a hockey playing,motorcycle drivin',loud music blasting guy...that owns a Shabby Chic store!
    So there is hope for ALL men.