Sunday, July 5, 2009

I Thank You

I time traveled....
last Wednesday afternoon,
to a place & time
that was innocent
when I felt very very loved~

When friends
dressed like twins...
and would stay all night~

When my Mom made a
out of any
ordinary day...
because she loved me!

When I could
eat pretty cookies
and they weren't
bad for me~

How did I go here?
Someone took me!
Who took me?
from Paris Atelier ~
Here's how she did it...
A box arrived at my door
last week~
When I opened it,
I was in complete and utter awe!
I sat.
I looked.
I remembered.
There was a time when I was little,
my Mom
made everything
really special for me...
She left little wrapped presents,
or sometimes pretty candies
on my nightstand when I went to sleep.
When I woke up in the morning
she told me
"the fairy brought them"~
I believed her!
My days were full of imagination
The box at my doorstep was
filled with the most thoughtful
Each were wrapped
& tucked so carefully
(like a fairy did it)...
I honestly did not want to open them.
I just wanted to look at them to never forget
the moment of remembering
the feeling this box delivered~
I Thank You
for taking me to a time
that I had almost forgotten~

I was the Lucky winner of the
first giveaway
that launched Judith's new
Amazingly Beautiful
Paris Ateliers Boutique!
You must travel there with me now
to a place full of nostalgia & beauty~
I want to show you each detail
of the prizes I won~

First there was this small vintage gift card~

Clouds of white tissue filled the box!
Underneath was this adorable
vintage white wicker basket
with faded blush & creamy velvet millinery flowers
and ribbon... beautifully wrapped prizes
folded in white tissue
with soft pink French ribbon around each one~

One prize was tucked on top of the basket!

A close up of the flowers~

One gift was a white linen handkerchief with a monogram
on it for Janet~

Another with a monogrammed N on it for my
A pair of ladies white leather gloves,
a small needlepoint handbag
and another all white embroidery

She didn't put something inside the
pink satin pouch that lined the basket too!!!
Oh YES she did!!!

More sweetly wrapped surprises!
(this is when my eyes filled...)
I was overwhelmed by the
Love Judith sent and
how much thought she put into this
what it meant to me...
All this in a BOX?
I time traveled
to my days of being little
to my Mom
feeling very very
I called my Mom & thanked her
for my world of wonder & make believe~
And for filling my days
with magic...

small mother of pearl change purse
was picked out for just for me and
was wrapped in white Italian dupioni silk
with a vintage flower trim.
She knows my love for these pieces
like she has known me forever...
(we have never met in person..
though so close...
the power of blogging?)

this adorable miniature striped chair!
For what?
What else but for my Marie Antoinette

As much as I adore every single thing Judith
sent me... There is nothing that I can
write or say to you to describe
the magic I felt.
Judith will take you to a place
of the unexpected~
She has the eye for amazing vintage pieces!
I Thank

the bottom of my

Please Don't forget to visit
Judith's new shop

You may be surprised where

or what

you believe in afterall~



  1. An incredible gift of beautiful treasures hand-picked just for you...can life be any sweeter?!?!? This must be what happens when two fabulous worlds french perfection!

  2. What an incredibly thoughtful and lovely gift - and well deserved my sweet kind friend~

  3. Oh Janet!
    You have such an extraordinary way with words and I am so honored by this post. I can't believe it!

    You can't imagine how happy you've made me to know how the package made you feel :) It was such a treat for me to put it all together and I enjoyed every second of it.

    Everything you touch becomes beauty and this post just proves that. The trinkets that I sent to you look so much more beautiful because of the special words you wrote. Thank you for this post, your incredibly touching words (which more than made my day), all of your support, and mostly for your friendship.

    Much Love!

  4. That was positivly AMAZING, Judith obviously has a gift of giving (among many others) ... but what a WONDERFUL way of sharing friendship and so much more!

  5. You must feel like a princess with all the beautiful gifts you recieved from Judith.What beautiful things.Love the change purse.It just made me happy for you,thats how well you expressed your feelings.You have a more wonderful day...XXOO Marie Antionette

  6. What a beautiful post and you were meant to be the winner. You write so expressively, that it couldn't have gone to anybody else. It reminded me so much of Meg Ryan in You've got mail when she talks about her Mother. Just so lovely. XXXX

  7. Enchanting, charming gifts written in the most beautiful sentences.

    This is wonderful! I am stepping into a fairyland. Thank you for sharing =) I shall go take a look at Judith's new shop now.


  8. I love her! What a great present she sent. Congratulations again!

  9. What a lovely soul Judith is to have made you so blissfully happy with her wonderful gifts.


  10. Wow! How absolutely delightful!

  11. Exquisite! You ladies are so talented in your presentation and decorum, a joy to read.

  12. How delightful. It sounds like it was almost too pretty to open. Savour the pleasure.

  13. Wow, what a special collection of divine treasures fit for a Queen!!! How lovely to have such special blog friends that deliver such treats!

  14. Pretty post... love those adorable cookies!

  15. magical....the items sent and your writing.
    just magical...

  16. A treasure as lovely, as elegant as your wondrous surprises. Now I'm off to skip through the breezes.

  17. what a pleasure to have traveled with you. What thoughtful and wonderful gifts, how lovely that you will treasure them- another elegant post...

  18. Ohhhh how lovely!
    I absolutely LOVE that second image - the one with the pink candy wallpaper - I am seriously considering that for my daughter's room - before she grows anymore and the chance is lost!!
    Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog :)

  19. A gorgeous post as always! What a magical gift from Judith! She is so sweet and thoughtful. It is fitting as you also wrap your gifts with so much thought and care Missy!

  20. Oh lucky gal...Judith IS a fairy godmother...what a lovely giving person she is...i am off to take a peek at her shop...your post is just so so so so always you inspire!!! Enjoy those treasures!

  21. Lucky girl! Want to try your luck again? I have a fabulous giveaway on my blog that i know you'll love. "Ruffles Galore" Check it out!

  22. This is a gorgeous blog! I will be back.

  23. Firstly, I have just discovered your blog through Blue Bird Notes and I adore it! Secondly, the story about your mum leaving you presents is just beautiful. All of these images are so have a new follower

  24. I hope that box came with smelling salts. I would have needed them!

  25. Janet,
    You deserve this wonderful, magical moment for so many reasons. I am so happy that Judith's sweet and pretty gifts made your day as your lovely gift made mine. This post is so thoughtful and I just love how you remember your mothers tokens of affection to you and how you pass them on to your other children.

  26. Wow youve received some beautiful things, your very lucky.
    And those cat cookies are adorable :)