Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Through The Eyes of An Angel

Through the eyes of an
Angel .......

Everything is pure
like living in a white peony~

Since she could walk,
there was something about her...
like a Fairytale~

She painted like Picasso~
She created wildly
to cut

She can sculpt anything
with details
like nothing I have
ever seen before~

She patiently places layers & layers
of french paper...
like rose petals,
one by one to create shoes,
fit for Cinderella's
that live in her

Most of you already know her...
but just in case you don't,
please let me properly introduce
to you...
My Daughter,
She is my friend, my partner {in crime},
the most beautiful unique Artist
I have ever witnessed~
Above is a note she
wrote to me...
although very personal,
I want to share it
with you~
just because I am even more proud of
who She is~

She made this paper mache'
Angel with white feather wings
put it with the note
on my dinner plate
last Christmas...

Noel's art is Miraculous~
It is truly
the eyes & mind of an

To see more
of Noel's paper art
other whimsical pieces
please visit
Fanciful Designs
And her precious
blog world

Prince Charming

As I watch her grow....
I want to slow down time...
I know I can't...
So I hold on to every single moment
with her.
I Honer her.
I Adore her.
I Love her~

Photo 4,12 & 13 from such pretty things
Whenever we are together,
we place sparkles
on our
that are
like flowers....

There is just one more
thing about Noel...
{I will be in Big trouble after this BUT...}
I am Mom
I am So Proud~
Noel has modeled for
magazines & catalogs
in the U.K & U.S.
Below are a few of my favorite
photos of her
I want to share
with you~


  1. Noel is absolutely stunning! And I LOVE what you wrote, Janet! So much love & so so beautiful!


  2. She is absolutely gorgeous Janet, but I knew that already....Aren't we lucky to have daughters, xv.

  3. That was a truely beautiful post. Thank you so much for sharing your precious memories, thoughts and photo's of your darling daughter. I will be right over to pay her a visit.xxxxx

  4. I just am at a loss for words. I adore you, Noel, her talent, your relationship....thank you for sharing such touching thoughts that, as a mother, put such a huge lump in my throat, and as a follower, gives me a better glimpse of two glorious and talented women I am lucky to know. xox g.

  5. ...and so you should be honey.!
    She is gorgeous in every respect. You should be SO proud to have raised such a beautiful spirited Woman. Here eyes are amazing.
    Ness xx

  6. Dearest Janet....she is so lovely, just like you. Definitely her mother's daughter.

    What a sweet posting. Your love for her truly shines through.


  7. Janet,
    This post is so sweet. I am literally on the verge of tears. She is so blessed to have such an encouraging mother who taught her the beauty of art and the beauty of expressing herself through her art. Through Noel's comments and posts on her blog, I could detect her inner beauty-kindness, sincerity, thoughtfulness... I don't recall ever seeing any pictures of her. WOW! She's gorgeous!

  8. Scoop!!

    I begun reading and was thinking to myself who is this she is writing about?? haha.. and then I soon to find out it's me!! OMG. YOU sneaky one. You are my everything Mom and thank you for all the things you have said here, of reminding me who I am. Always. I am so locky to have you to stand beneath. You & Dad are always there to encourage and lift me up always believing in me. Even though I CAN'T believe you shared these photos I do love you so VERY much! Forever we will share our Muaaaaahhhhhsss and xoxoxo's and sparkle our creative things all over the place!

    Love, Scoop #2

  9. lovely, lovely, lovely......I'm in tears as I write this. just lovely. ♥

  10. This beautiful post couldn't be more true. Noelly is an angel that wraps her wings delicately around everything she does and loves...She is constantly aweing us with her beauty inside and out. The way she creates, wonders, thinks, laughs, smiles, and gives with the purest of heart amazes me. The gifts she and I have both gotten from you, mom, go way beyond anything material. My two angels - I love you both with all my heart and soul...always and forever thankful and grateful for you both.

  11. Oh Janet! What a special, dear post. Noel is as beautiful outside as she is inside; so warm and generous. I absolutely adore Noel. She is an angel.
    Thanks for sharing more about her with us.
    I feel lucky to have met you both.

  12. a stunning and touching post. Mother and daughter so close and both so talented. She is quite beautiful. always a joy to visit here...

  13. Janet,

    Your daughter is gorgeous inside and out! And she must be an angel to create such beautiful pieces of art! Her creations always take my breath away. This post made me cry with tears of happiness at such a wonderful mother/daughter bond. I am so thankful to have a little girl, and your words about Noel inspire me to new heights in being a mom and what I have to look forward to as she grows from a little baby to a lady.
    Thank you for always adding such blissful thoughts and images to my days.

  14. Oh Janet,
    What an amazing tribute to your sweet Noel!!! Oh geez, so heartfelt and beautiful. The beauty both of you create in life, in your homes, and in your blogs overwhelm me. And, then the actual outside beauty of both your daughters and you is amazing. It's all just too much. The Soloman's are living on another playing field that us normal folk get to peak at when we are lucky. Much love to you and your sweet family dear Janet.

  15. Your post left me speechless, wow. You are lucky to have each other, but I'm sure you already know that :)

  16. I'm as speechless as the others. Who could be that beautiful, talented, hot and sweet? Oh right, only a daughter YOU could produce! The two of you are forces to be reckoned with and I just know we're only seeing the tip of the iceberg. Every new piece that she produces is pure magic pulled right from the air. She is one special kid and you are on special mama. I miss and aDoRe you both!

  17. Oh Janet! This post is incredibly beautiful! I seriously started tearing up. You two have such an amazing bond, you are both so lucky. I know I have told you before but you two remind me so much of my Mom and I. Cherish every second you have with your Angel. It looks as though to me she has an Angel for a Mom as well!
    PS I've never seen a pic of Noel, she's stunning!

  18. Your daughter is beautiful both inside and out! You are so lucky to have and to love each other so deeply. And how creative and talented you both are!

  19. What a beautiful post! Noelie is the most talented and beautiful young lady. From knowing her as a child and seeing her grow into this talented young Jeanna too)! Yes, Janet, you get the credit for raising such amazing children. SCOOP(S)! Love, Auntie Lynn

  20. Oh Thank you Auntie Lynn!
    YES YES YES Jeanna too! I can't wait for Jeanna's introduction!!! I am like a hawk, just waiting for her to start her blog~

  21. Absolutely lovely post, lovely daughter and what a great relationship! Moved me to tears.
    Wishing you both a happy holiday weekend!

  22. What a remarkable woman you have raised stunning, talented and very much loved, maybe she is a lot like her Mum?....
    :) Cate

  23. Breathtaking and Beautiful.

  24. Sorry Noel, that's just what mom's are supposed to do. Gorgeous photo's and lovely relationship between you two here. I have a huge smile on my face after reading this post Janet. Alfie too!
    Lisa & Alfie

  25. Your daughter is very beautiful and her creations are so gorgeous. You have a right to be proud

  26. THAT beautiful acorn did NOT fall far from the tree!
    She's an amazing artist as are you.
    How touching to read this post & have a glimpse in to your magical, loving bond.
    Pure joy!

  27. This is such a beautiful post. The pictures, the words. It's all so beautiful.

  28. Dear Janet,
    Sincerely grateful that you have such a special bond and relationship with your angel Noel! You are both truly blessed!


  29. I can easily understand why you are so proud of her. She is gorgeous , she has beautiful hands ( to create ) , she has beautiful soul ..Lucky mum

  30. So talented and beautiful as well. You must be one proud Mum.

  31. You can see her inner beauty in her eyes. As to her creations, they took my breath away.