Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I'm Pondering...Why do we Blog?

I've been pondering lately,
Why do I blog...
This world baffles me with
Amazment, like it is another planet!!
I have heard several say they are addicted...
What is the meaning of blogging?
I keep coming up with more & more reasons...
I blog because it is a corner to Create
anything in my mind....
A place to Share, a place to Learn, to Discover,
to Honor
a safe a place to just

Glittered masks photo from Ullabenulla

It seems we all wear a Mask
(very pretty glittered ones of course)
because we don't really
know each other~
but on another thought it seems
like nothing is more Real~
Moments, laughter & even tears are Here...
Is it because our Masks in society are gone?
We have no interruptions Here.
Our connections & thoughts seem to matter.
We are not judged by our cars, our jobs,
our clothes, how we spend our money,
how we look, our size or how old we are.
It all seems very Pure here to me...
Or is it all imagination?
Is it reflection of Reality
or Fantasy full of smoke & mirrors?
Is it a world of
Balance between both Worlds?
What are your thoughts?
Why do You blog?


  1. Really love this post- so simply put and rings true for most.
    I'm not quite sure why I blog yet- I'm new to this and what started as a way to pass time has become quite a joy. I love all the creativity and amazing people I've gotten to know. crazy isn't it?

  2. Hi Janet.
    I think the answer to this question changes all the time for me. I was asking myself this very question recently as you know. And when all is said and done, I enjoy being with this community of the most amazingly supportive, creative and inspirational women I have ever met. This blogging world has taken me to places I have never been and introduced me to people I would never have met otherwise. It is truly a gift we get to share.

    Lisa & Alfie

  3. Dear Janet,
    You have me thinking.....because I do think about this a fair bit. It is like stepping into another world where everyone "gets" you. It is going to an art class where everyone is creative in their own right.It is also much like entering a party where everyone is laughing and just having tons of fun. I for one really love this fabulous party and the incredible people at it. I don't know who started this party but I plan on staying really, really late!
    A great post Janet!
    Love XO

  4. Connections..its all about connections.
    As hectic as most lives are we long for a more simple old fashion world which irnoically exists in a small or large part in a thoroughly high tech modern invention.
    My 10 year old godson Grant put it best when I told him about soem of the people I chat with & where thet're located...
    "How cool that the world really isn't so big."
    Amen Grant, Amen.

  5. Could it be more beautiful over here? I've seen several of my favorite photos - two in this post alone! The first of Drew - I just loved that entire photo spread. And the pretty sparkling masks. So, that is one of the reasons I blog - to find like-minded souls. I so appreciate your visit and your kind words. Looking forward to many more visits with you, Janet.
    All the best,

  6. I think Pure is a wonderful word to describe why I blog. I love that it provides a creative escape, a world of inspirition & it is fun.
    x Cate:)

  7. Janet,
    You really gave me a topic to ponder (at least you also provided some spectacular photos to gaze upon while my mind seeks the answers)! Before I started blogging I was a bit skeptical of 'entering the open realm', but now that I am here I have found a place to escape, be myself, be creative, and be blissfully inspired. I realize (again) that the world is much smaller than we think and being able to see other talented, beautiful, artistic souls in this world has been the greatest part of my blogging adventure. Not to mention all the wonderful people I meet daily around this gracious globe we call home.
    Thank you for setting my mind 'on go'.
    Be Well,

  8. Hmmmm.....many reasons, but mostly inspiration and connection for me. Finding people who enjoy what I enjoy and sharing with them, and vice-versa, is really nice.

  9. I started blogging out of boredom really. But now it gives me a chance to live in a world that is different from day to day life. I can explore all the things that I want to see and do in the future.

    Plus I get to meet wonderful people, read their blogs, and live vicariously through them a little

  10. Janet,
    For me blogging is my connection to the outside world. For five years I was surrounded by people all day-and every day was an adventure as a highschool French teacher. But now as a stay at home mom, I need some sort of connection beyond the walls of my home and a place to be the creative me. I love being Mommy but I needed balance in my life-a being a well-balanced woman is more than being Mommy. This outlet has really helped me to explore my styles and tastes and future goals and provides a breath of fresh air.
    And as Sande stated, it's nice to be somewhere where people "get" me. Here in Texas, the majority of people just don't get my style!

  11. Janet,
    To tell the very most honest truth, I started my blog as a way to promote my Etsy site. But it very soon took on a life of its own, where I could give others a few glimpses into something I had kept in my own mind for a while. I really love what others have said in their comments about the people they have met and also about people who "get" what you do. If you are looking around and what you see doesn't appeal to you, you move on. If it does, you stay and explore that person's vision. I really love that! So, what started out for what I thought was a very practical reason has just become fun!


  12. This is a great post and topic and I love reading what others have said. I wonder this all the time. I love being me and expressing that. It's hard to find people in your own city that you can relate to and here, the energy and connection with others is endless! I love how it brings people together and allows us to share to ones who REALLY "GET IT" Theres no better feeling than being you. I love having my blog for connections, and having a place where I can look back in a couple years and see what I was doing and what I was inspired by. It's a little place of my own.

    xoxox Noel

  13. Great post. I guess I blog because it gives me a voice & yes, like everyone, that creative outlet that was not being filled. Certainly a huge portion of fantasy thrown in!
    Love your blog♥

  14. I would say SHARING ... and connections ... it's like a little window open on a GREAT world full of wonderful people. not always but mainly ...

  15. I blog to share my art work to the world... and share my happiness with others... and I hope that this make them happy as well!

  16. I stumbled upon your blog, and I really like this post--what a good question to pose. I also like the whimsical pictures you picked to go along with this. I blog because it lets me sort out my thoughts, and somewhat prepare myself for all the future projects I need to get done.

  17. We blog to meet wonderful people like you! I read your previous post about Monet's home. We visited there 3 years ago. I felt as if I was standing in the middle of his painting. It was breathtaking. We will be returning this fall, our daughter will be attending the Paris Fashion Institute - so lucky us we get to visit.

    Love your blog.

  18. Hi Janet!

    Great question I have often pondered! Perhaps it to share my thoughts, visionary loves and a bit of artistic flair with everyone!
    Ooo...I found an old issue of Romantic Home today from March of 08! What a delightful article about you! I loved seeing all you black and white Laduree Boxes!!! LOVELY!

    ~Miss Kris~

  19. I think we blog because we do and we can - that is the beauty. Like minded souls sharing what they love most with each other in a way that is individual to each of us. xv

  20. Hello Janet!
    I just discovered your blog today and I am totally fascinated by your truly interesting, beautiful and amazing posts! This one is particularly interesting because I think you just said out loud what every one of us feel... I think that here, in the "virtual" world, we are truly ourselves. We don´t pretend, we don´t show off, we just are... We meet amazing people, we make really valuable friends and we are true and honest to ourselves and others! We would all be so happy if the "true" world were like this! Congratulations on such a beautiful place!

  21. Oh, I love this post!

    I blog simply because "Sharing is Caring" =)Not to mention the friendship I make along the way.


  22. Hello Miss Janet,
    I blog to create and share and to take back a bit from others. To find what makes me tick and discover myself in the process. To find like minded foke. To share comments, to let others know I was visiting and enjoyed what they had to share. And to take in all the crazy, wild, beautiful, and unique talent in the world. To become educated about the world, life, love, and friendship by fellow bloggers. It is a place to expand my mind and creativity and to try to do the same for others. And, I blog to follow along on this path called life with my "blog" friends. To hold their hand, wipe the tears and celebrate all the joys with them. And, yes sometimes not having these peeps see all "my stuff" and my outward appearance is exhilarating and freeing. My blog freinds have created a safe place for me to run wild without regard. (have you send my latest posts? Tee hee). I love that. I don't get that from my Mommies group!
    Cheers my dear blogging friends,

  23. Love this....I think I blog to express myself and my love of design, none of my "REAL" friends share my passsion,so on here I have found kindred spirits that do share my passion....does that even make sense?? Love your blog, whatever the reason you do it!!! Chrissy

  24. Thanks for a really, really great post. I just discovered your lovely blog. Very inspiring. Thanks again.

  25. I always get inspiration when I visit your beautiful blog! My nephew is getting married on Oct 31st -yes, Halloween. Just yesterday my sister asked me to start thinking about elegant masks for guests to wear when the couple is announced out to floor at her son's wedding - thanks to your blog I have the perfect idea- pastel glittered masks-thank you!!